New dimensions for growing your business.

Cross-Sell Technology

  Utilize one of the most fundamental concepts in sales.
  It's a powerful sales principle that we all know and experienced:  The optimum time to present a product to a customer is when they are already shopping for a related product.  When shopping, customers are actively assessing their needs at a different level.  This is the moment when a customer is most open to what you have to offer.  Don't waste it - utilize it.
  Customers can run an instant quote on your site and view health or life insurance plans and rates - while simultaneously seeing any other product you have to offer.
  We seamlessly integrated the ability to show additional products within the health quote engine in a way you have to see to believe.  Take a test drive and see just what we are talking about.
  Auto, Home, Annuity, Life, etc.  Present any product you wish to your customer.  If they express an interest, you will be emailed immediately!
  Without fail, when shopping, a customer will always respond to something they need - if it is presented to them.  The key is presenting the product at the right time - the very moment they are assessing their needs.  Our technology allows you to elegantly do exactly that!
  Why is this important?
  Look at it this way.  Let's say you owned a supermarket, and a customer enters your store looking for hotdogs for a barbeque he's planning.  Would you usher him to an aisle that only presented various varieties of hotdogs?  Wouldn't it make more sense to show him to an aisle that not only offered hotdogs, but also presented hotdog buns, ketchup, potato chips and maybe, easy-lite charcoal briquets?  (If you ever went into a supermarket looking for one thing and came out with five, well you understand how this works.)
  So what's the big deal?
  The big deal is this:  We are seeing upwards of 35 percent of website visitors clicking for information on additional products that are entirely different than what they were initially looking for - in many cases, several different products.  In addition to revealing your client's needs and concerns, this functionality provides you with several sales opportunities that you would otherwise know nothing about.  You can actually get back to providing real value for your clients by assisting in a more comprehensive manner.
  This changes everything.
  Offering one product within your quote engine is analogous to a lemonade stand.   The ability to display every product or service you offer - well that's a grocery store.
  What are you waiting for?  When it comes to maximizing your opportunities in a tough business climate, this is candidly a really big deal.  Take the test drive and see for yourself.